Monday, June 27, 2011

Pomander balls

Mikayla and I have been working on a new project to make some pomander balls for the scrap/game room is another round of my DIY decorating.

So we start with thousands (literally) of coffee filters - take three to four at a time, gather them and staple the bottom.

My extra set of helping hands!

Next we dye them, for the tan ones I used a tea stain and for the pink ones, I used the same tea stain and added red food coloring (they did not stay this dark).

Then because of the humidity here, they took about 3 days to fully dry, then I opened the filters, to make them to make a "flower"

I then took the "flower" and pinned it to a 3 inch styrafoam ball - the more flowers you use, the fuller the ball will be. I used between 25-30 flowers per ball

The finished in real life - they are spaced evenly the picture doesn't show that.

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