Monday, June 11, 2012

A Royal Event - Mini Album

Mikayla and I had a GREAT Royal wedding party.  It was so much fun, we both dressed up like brides and watched the Princess get married.  The embellishments were almost all made from free printables I was able to find online.

Here is our party in a nut shell.  It is a clear acrylic mini album in the shape of a carriage and full of a lot of love!

I picked her up at school with a bouquet of flowers (which she proceeded to chase the boys and hit them with the flowers)..... 

below is a bigger picture of the photo above... it's Princess Dianna in 1981 on her wedding day.

I LOVED that day.... Several friends and I were all up at 3:00 (California never even went to bed before it was on) to watch it live and then I got to watch it again with Mikayla after I picked her up from school.  Truly a day to remember!  I loved it!!!

Rodeo and Lady A

Mikayla absolutely loves Lady Antebellum.  So we took her to see them at the rodeo.  I really wanted to scrap this event because we all had such a GREAT time there!!!  She loved singing and dancing to their songs!!!

Halloween 2011

Here is what I did for Halloween.  Mikayla was Rapunzel and she LOVED it.  Her hair is even longer than the costume wigs we could buy!

Working with purple is a real challenge for me...but in the end, I think it all worked out ok.  Here is Halloween.  It starts out with there was a beautiful princess, cute little spooks and a happily ever after ending!

The end.

Easter 2012

Here are my Easter pages for this year.  If nothing else, I really try to stay on top of the holidays.  This one was themed after a Bunny!  Don't we all love BUNNIES!!! 

Christmas 2011

Here are the pages I did recently and just didn't take pictures right when they were done.  I have at least one more Christmas page to do and for that holiday.....I'm all caught up!! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heat Transfer Vinyl

I LOVE cricut!!! Such an awesome machine. Here is one of the latest things I made. I made Katie a t-shirt for her son to wear.... I cut the text on cricut on iron on vinyl...then got the little fire truck to enhance the shirt and make it fun for him to wear, even though it's for her LOL

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twirly Skirt

Well I saw that a lady was making her daughter twirl skirts...and I just had it in my mind I wanted to try.

So little miss and I went to the fabric store, picked out two matching fabrics. She picked out the fabrics (she fell in love with the nativity on it). Of the main one for the skirt, I got 2 yards (totally only need one yard though) and then of the other, I got 10 inches.

I do not have nor did I use a pattern. The only problem with it is that I made the elastic around the waist.... too big - so I need to undo it a little to tighten the elastic up for her...and viola...

I spent about 1 1/2 hours and I loved making it!! I have a sneeky suspicion that I'll be making more of these - how fun for the seasons, right? (my model didn't want to totally change out of her clothes to yes, she's wearing pants underneath, but that's ok too) :)

oh, and it does twirl out very nicely too!