Monday, June 11, 2012

A Royal Event - Mini Album

Mikayla and I had a GREAT Royal wedding party.  It was so much fun, we both dressed up like brides and watched the Princess get married.  The embellishments were almost all made from free printables I was able to find online.

Here is our party in a nut shell.  It is a clear acrylic mini album in the shape of a carriage and full of a lot of love!

I picked her up at school with a bouquet of flowers (which she proceeded to chase the boys and hit them with the flowers)..... 

below is a bigger picture of the photo above... it's Princess Dianna in 1981 on her wedding day.

I LOVED that day.... Several friends and I were all up at 3:00 (California never even went to bed before it was on) to watch it live and then I got to watch it again with Mikayla after I picked her up from school.  Truly a day to remember!  I loved it!!!

Rodeo and Lady A

Mikayla absolutely loves Lady Antebellum.  So we took her to see them at the rodeo.  I really wanted to scrap this event because we all had such a GREAT time there!!!  She loved singing and dancing to their songs!!!

Halloween 2011

Here is what I did for Halloween.  Mikayla was Rapunzel and she LOVED it.  Her hair is even longer than the costume wigs we could buy!

Working with purple is a real challenge for me...but in the end, I think it all worked out ok.  Here is Halloween.  It starts out with there was a beautiful princess, cute little spooks and a happily ever after ending!

The end.

Easter 2012

Here are my Easter pages for this year.  If nothing else, I really try to stay on top of the holidays.  This one was themed after a Bunny!  Don't we all love BUNNIES!!! 

Christmas 2011

Here are the pages I did recently and just didn't take pictures right when they were done.  I have at least one more Christmas page to do and for that holiday.....I'm all caught up!!